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Fall Season is so pretty to drive around.

Fall Season is so beautiful to travel, especially through the northern region of our nation. Thank God! Years ago, exactly in 1994, in the middle of October I had a chance to drive by a small car, from North Dakota to Detroit. It was an awesome experience to drive through the hills and mountains seeing the colorful trees on both sides of the road. 

During the Season of Fall the Author of the nature begins to paint different varieties of trees with his talented finger, and the whole nature looks like beautiful canvas of the Creator. I always like to drive around during these days enjoying the colorful trees, and the nature as well. Each one is the masterpiece of the author, with all its splendor and beauty. Looking at each other we wonder the unique creation of our loving Father. He has a better plan for human life. God created us in his own image, splendor and likeness to continue his mission, a mission of creation, redemption and salvation.  

Each season brings something beautiful look forward. The Flowery Spring, Greenish Summer, Snowing Winter and Colorful Fall, God is so gracious to provide a better world to enjoy God’s creation. Many a time we think we are the masters of the nature and we manipulate the creation for our own selfish motive. As result the entire equilibrium of the nature collapses and we see the natural disaster all around the Globe.

PTA (Parent Teachers Association)

Last Sunday we had a very good meeting of Parents and Teachers. The out-come was very good. We planned an outline of this year’s catechetical formation. A very good and vibrant team of parents have come forward to help around the CCD program. I personally thank to each one them who are going to coordinate, Liturgy Celebration, Cultural program, It is one of the vibrant groups, who can bring glad tidings to the Parish and the lives of the CCD Children as well.

God bless you. 

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor