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Another New Year with lots of hope and life!

God has blessed us with a New Year 2020, with full of hope and life. Every moment is a blessing from God to enjoy life, faith and friendship. God’s love never fades away, rather every morning the Lord opens the door of our life with a new love (Lamentations 3:22-23).

We have to see the providence of God in everything. To those who love him, and to all those who are called to his salvation, he will make use of all our experiences for our good. Let this New Year be a time to enjoy life in Jesus and a life together with your family, a life with our community as well.

Looking back we say goodbye to a year of mixed experience Looking back we all might have a mixed feeling, of both: success & failure, starting a new life or job and breaking up of relations and workplaces, promotion & retirements, good health and sickness, life and death etc. However if we can accept it from the good Lord, and leave it for HIS guidance, everything will be made by our Lord, for our good.

Our Parish is blessed with so many good things: Ours is one of the largest Parishes of our diocese, many of the Pioneers of the USA Malayalee Communities are from New York and we are one of the financially sound and prominent Parishes of Eastern Region of our diocese. We have a mission to accomplish with this Parish ministry, to promote and cherish the good old faith, heritage and traditions of our parents and grandparents, to put into practice in our daily life and relationship and imparting it to the growing generations as well.

During the time of Christmas we were doing that, when we come together for Sunday and daily Masses, when we teach our children the catechism in our own syllabus and curriculum, when we had the Christmas Caroling, Christmas Celebrations in our Church with Youth and Children and when we have the Ward Family Prayer Meetings etc.

Wish you all a Most Blessed New Year 2020.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor