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There will be a Parish Council meeting on Sunday, September 17th, after the second Mass.
This year we are following a hybrid model for the CCD classes. With the hybrid model, the students are divided into two groups, with one group in the classrooms (in-person) and the other group in the virtual classrooms (via computer) on a given week. The groups will then alternate between in-person learning and remote learning every week. The hybrid model limits the number of students in the CCD classrooms at a given time and also provides the students an opportunity to attend the Sunday Mass in church every other week. Please refer the "Faith Formation" section on our web site for more information on the CCD program.
Please be advised that September 27th will be the last day to register for CCD classes. We will not accept any CCD registrations after that. Please fill out the CCD registration form and hand it over in-person along with the registration fees to the Trustees or CCD Coordinator. P.S. The PDF version of the CCD registration form is available under the "Documents" section on the web site.