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The mission of the CCD Program is to bring Christ to his people and bring his people to the realization that they are the Church. We accomplish this by teaching the love of God and sharing our faith throughout the grades from pre-school through high school. Educating the parents of our children through adult formation classes. Preparing students for their sacraments and continuing formation in their faith knowledge. Being community to each other and promoting a strong parish family support.

General Guidelines

We are following all the government and diocese mandated safety guidelines related to COVID 19. This year we are following a hybrid model for the CCD classes. With the hybrid model, the students are divided into two groups, with one group in the classrooms (in-person) and the other group in the virtual classrooms (via computer) on a given week. The groups will then alternate between in-person learning and remote learning every week. The hybrid model limits the number of students in the CCD classrooms at a given time and also provides the students an opportunity to attend the Sunday Mass in church every other week.

Being a part of the faith community means taking responsibility to do your part in ensuring the health and safety of all. All of us play a role in preventing the spread of COVID. Following are some guidelines for keeping in-person CCD classes more effective, and safe.

temperature check

Temperature Check

Parents must do a temperature check of kids at home before sending them to in-person CCD classes. Keep your child home when he or she is sick.

face mask

Face Mask

Every student must wear a mask. We won't be able to allow students in the classroom without masks.

hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Students are encouraged to do proper hand washing using soap when necessary. Use hand sanitizers when handwashing is not accessible.

social distancing

Social Distancing

Encourage your child to social distance, especially with friends and in various situations. Avoid crowding indoors or in small spaces around the classrooms or in bathrooms. Also, parents are not allowed in the hallway to comply with the social distancing rules.

arrival and dismissal

Arrival & Dismissal

There will be directions regarding when to enter and leave class coordinated by the students’ CCD teachers. The teachers will escort students to their respective classrooms.

follow up

Virtual Classroom

Students are required to be in the online classroom with their camera turned ON for the entire duration of the CCD class. Mute your microphone at all times except when communicating with the teacher.

Virtual Classroom Guidelines

Following are some guidelines for keeping remote learning more effective, safe, and appropriate.

For Parents

  • Please try to provide a quiet location in the home free from distractions.
  • Please remember that online classes are for the students. Adults and siblings should not be present during a live session unless providing the needed technical support.
  • Be aware that live sessions can unintentionally broadcast activities and family members in your home.
  • Please monitor your emails and WhatsApp groups for communications from your children's teachers. If you haven't received any email communications, ensure that emails from are not classified as junk.

For Students

  • Log in to the online classroom with your church issued account only.
  • You must be in the online classroom for the entire duration of the CCD class, with video always ON.
  • Mute your microphone at all times except when communicating with the Teachers.
  • Dress appropriately as if you are in the CCD classroom.
  • Do not take photos, screenshots and/or video during the online class, nor post any portions of the class to social media.

Get in touch

Please reach out to your children's CCD Teachers if you have any questions or concerns. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the CCD Team as well.

CCD Schedule

The CCD schedule till the end of the year is shown below. The group assignments based on the envelope number were provided by the CCD Team. If you are unawre of your group assignment, please get in touch with your children's CCD Teachers.

9/20/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
9/27/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
10/4/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
10/11/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
10/18/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
10/25/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
11/1/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
11/8/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
11/15/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
11/22/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
11/29/2020 No Class No Class
12/6/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
12/13/2020 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
12/20/2020 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
12/27/2020 No Class No Class
1/3/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
1/10/2021 No Class No Class
1/17/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
1/24/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
1/31/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
2/7/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
2/14/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
2/21/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
2/28/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
3/7/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
3/14/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
3/21/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
3/28/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
4/4/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
4/11/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's
4/18/2021 St. Mary's St. Joseph's
4/25/2021 St. Joseph's St. Mary's

Religious Education Teachers


Sissy Roy Tressa James Jeena Puthussery Shona Joseph


Reena Alex Roshini Lalson Sharon Joseph Donna Thompson


Lissy Kochupurackal Laicy Mecheril Laly Manchery Jasmine Thanicatt Chris Mathachen


Sneha Mathew Jisha Mathew Prince Vathappallil Noel John


Tessy Joseph Dolly Thanicatt Rinu Jose Tonia Mathew Stephanie Toms


Shini Xavier Jasmine Nambiaparambil Shan Shaji Pravin Vathappallil


Siji Cyriac Minu Joseph Glaxy Roy Jaya Cyril Anisha Mathew Shinu Alex


Minimol Avanapurath Dr. Sherry George Anthony Joseph Priya Thomson


Betty Meenattoor Dr. Mercy Joseph Dr. Mathew Jose Aaron Kurien Jerin Thanicatt


Kathreen Pattett Dr. Mary Mallappallil Reshma Mathew Ashley Mukalel


Jacob Jojan Dr. Rosy Mathew Martin Jacob Albert Vathapally


Mishu Joseph James Cherian Binod Mathew Gintu James