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Abstract: Fr. Abraham Mathew explains the plenary indulgence which can be obtained on Divine Mercy Sunday.


May1, 2011, the Second Sunday of Easter, is Divine Mercy Sunday. On this day, the faithful who fulfill the following conditions can receive a plenary indulgence:

Be completely detached from the affection for any sin, even a venial sin.Go to the Sacrament of Confession as soon as possible. Receive Holy Communion. Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father (preferably the Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be). Take part in the prayers and devotions held in honor of the Divine Mercy in any church or chapel, or who, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed or reserved in the tabernacle, recite the Creed and the Our Father, adding a devout prayer to the merciful Lord Jesus (e.g. Merciful Jesus, I trust in you!).

A partial indulgence, granted to the faithful who, at least with a contrite heart, pray to the merciful Lord Jesus a legitimately approved invocation.

Those who are sick and those who nurse them, and all who for a just cause cannot leave their homes, who carry out an activity for the community which cannot be postponed, may obtain a plenary indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday, if totally detesting any sin, and with the intention of fulfilling as soon as possible the three usual conditions go to Confession, receive Holy Communion, and pray for the intentions of the Holy Father),will recite the and thebefore a devout image of Our Merciful Lord Jesus and, in addition, pray a devout invocation to the Merciful Lord Jesus (e.g. Merciful Jesus, I trust in you).

If it is impossible that people do even this, on the same day they may obtain the Plenary Indulgence if with a spiritual intention they are united with those carrying out the prescribed practice for obtaining the Indulgence in the usual way and offer to the Merciful Lord a prayer and the sufferings of their illness and the difficulties of their lives, with the resolution to accomplish as soon as possible the three conditions prescribed to obtain the plenary indulgence.

Plenary indulgence is the complete remission of the temporal punishment due to one's sins committed up to the time of receiving the indulgence. In other words, it is TIME OFF FROM PURGATORY! And it is free; Jesus already paid for it on Good Friday.

The indulgence can be received for oneself or can be offered for one deceased person. It is a great act of charity to offer it for the deceased.

The Church earnestly encourages the faithful to receive this heavenly gift of plenary indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday. Thank you and God bless you.

Fr. Abraham Mathew

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