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Posted by: reviewassessor, on 11/15/2008, in category "General News & Articles"
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Abstract: Your entire family will benefit from more careful use of the computer and inernet.

It is essential to monitor your child's computer use, especially use of the Internet. The Internet is a tremendous tool for learning, information, and research. Internet safety is of special concern. Be aware that child pornographers and sex abusers use the Internet to search for and contact potential victims for their crimes. Your child should never post or give personal information (address, pictures, SS number etc.) to anyone he or she does not know. Neither should a child ever arrange to meet with someone met on line. Your child should bring the same kind of skepticism and wariness to the Internet that he or she brings to walking down the street or interacting with strangers.

In general it is a good idea to monitor your child's computer use. Even if the child is not doing anything dangerous, your child may be spending too much time on the computer. As always, children need clear guidelines and strong message from the parents. Your entire family will benefit from more careful use of the computer and Internet.

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